Rainy Season Arrive, Car Tire Change Soon

wet Car Tire photo
Photo by The Tire Zoo

The rainy season has arrived, the weather changes from dry to wet demanding car owners prepare the car to the maximum. Things must be done the first time in the face of climate change is to rotate tires.

National racer well as the brand ambassador of Mitsubishi Rifat Sungkar explained, tire rotations conducted preferably opposite between the front and rear.

“After a long dry season, many people like to forget when a car before passing the heated driveway long enough. If you can be cross, front right to back left and front left to back right,” explained Rifat after giving a briefing on the occasion of New Outlander Sport and Delica Driving Experience.
Rifat explained that the reason for this is because the rotation of the tire front wheels need better traction when turning. Meanwhile, hot weather long enough to make the front tires quickly eroded.

Not only the rotation of the tire, the husband of Sissy Priscillia it was also suggested that car owners in accordance with the wind filling the manufacturer’s recommendations. He also cautioned that the car owner is not affected what people are saying about the tire pressure is not necessarily true.

“If the tire, do not have to listen to what people are saying. You just have to look at the door on the right sticker and follow the advice of the factory. The big car wind pressure ratio can be larger or smaller,” due diligence.